How to make your own mushroom ‘chicken wings’

A new technique has been developed to make edible mushroom wings.

The product is called ‘chick wing’ and it uses a ‘secret’ chemical called “chicken wax”.

Read moreThe chemical is secreted into the mushroom by bacteria in the fungus’ gut and it allows the mushroom to produce a light pinkish colour.

The chemical binds to proteins in the mushroom’s skin and also acts as a protective coating for the wings, which is the result of the chemical.

It is said the coating makes the wings tough, soft and durable.

It works like this: the chicken wax binds to the proteins on the skin of the mushroom, allowing it to become flexible.

It can be used to create an edible mushroom wing, which can then be eaten by a chicken.

The process takes about five days.

The team at Australia’s University of Adelaide developed the technique in collaboration with the University of Technology, Sydney, which developed a similar coating in a similar way.

“We were able to create a chicken wing out of a powder and powder mix, but the secret ingredient is chicken wax,” Dr. James Hughes from the University said.

The mushroom is then boiled in water for 30 minutes to soften it up, allowing the chicken to absorb the wax.

“It is then dried and ground into powder and then mixed into the powder,” he said.

“Then you put it in the oven to cook and it will turn brown, yellow and black.”

In the next step, the researchers will create a coating that will protect the mushroom from insects and other pests, making it an ideal food.

“You can use it to make chicken wings and mushroom wings and it’s also suitable for baking,” Dr Hughes said.

Dr Hughes said the research was the culmination of years of research, with funding from the Australian Research Council and the Australian Society of Food Scientists.

“The team is working on a few different different products and we are starting to work out the best way to commercialise these products,” he explained.

“There are some exciting new ideas for the future and I can’t wait to see what else we can come up with.”

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