‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: ‘I’ve never eaten a mushroom’

Weird Al Yankovich has said that he has never eaten any mushrooms, but he does say that he enjoys the blue mushroom.

The Grammy-winning musician told NPR’s Morning Edition that he would eat any mushrooms that came to hand, and he had been trying to get mushrooms to come his way for a while.

“I’ve got to admit I’ve never actually eaten a blue mushroom, but I have been trying and trying and try and get mushrooms that I like,” he said.

Yankovich said that the blue mushrooms, like the blueberry and pumpkin, were just “good, fruity, fruit-y things.”

“But then when I’m in a bad mood and I don’t like it, I don.

And I’ve got a mushroom problem.

I don, like, like a blueberry mushroom, and I like to like the purple mushroom, which is like a really big, big mushroom,” he continued.

“So that’s where my problems lie.

I have no idea where the mushrooms come from.

And then I’ve also got a problem with the mushrooms.”

When asked if the mushrooms were just an excuse to eat a snack, Yanko said, “I don’t eat mushrooms.

I’ve had my issues with that, I guess.

I’m not sure I can eat mushrooms and still eat well.”

Yanko added that he had a friend who once ate a bunch of mushrooms in a restaurant, and that he did not know that he ate them.

Yinkoff, who also has a food allergy, said that it was a rare experience for him to try a mushroom.

“But, um, I’m a mushroom eater.

I like mushrooms, and, um… and it’s kind of like, well, what do I do with all this mushroom stuff?

And then it kind of makes me kind of think,” he added.

The comedian also spoke about the importance of being able to share your love of mushrooms with others.

“If you’re sharing that with your friends and family and the whole world, that’s one of the most powerful things.

It’s like, hey, everyone, I got this mushroom thing that I’m into,” he explained.

“I’m like, this is something I’ve been trying for a long time.

I feel like this is my thing.

And if you can do that, it’s something to be proud of, so that’s what I’m really proud of.

I really am proud of it.”

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