A ‘mushrooms’ garden of mushrooms and carbs in the wild

A new “mushrooming” garden in Colorado, where mushrooms grow at a rate of 50 plants a year, is one of the first places in the world to showcase what it’s like to grow mushrooms in the desert, and it’s also a very popular attraction.

The garden, located in the town of Kaysville, Colorado, is just a short drive from a local grocery store, so the area’s residents have been able to see the effects of their local fungus.

“This is a place that we’ve never seen before,” said Jim Odom, the executive director of the Kaysboro Mountain Foundation.

“There are no fences around it, and the plants are all grown in pots.

The people in the community have been very welcoming and understanding.”

In addition to the plantings, the Kanesville Mountain Foundation has established a garden with a couple of trees, a pond and a greenhouse.

“It’s not just mushrooms,” Odom said.

“The plantings are all edible.”

The foundation is also looking into creating a mushroom garden in a neighboring community.

The foundation also plans to add a new feature in the garden to give visitors a sense of where mushrooms are growing, which they can then consume.

“We’re looking at adding a little greenhouse,” Ovelm said.

Development Is Supported By

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