How to make fried oysters in the oven

When it comes to fried oyfish, you may not be able to find it at any supermarket, and even when you do, the cost is high. 

In fact, the prices are so high that some restaurants have resorted to using a high-powered oven to fry the fish.

This is a popular method in Indian restaurants, and some of the recipes have been shared on social media. 

The recipe in this article, however, is a tad tricky, but it will give you the chance to fry a delicious fried oyspot without spending any money. 

Here are the steps for making fried oystons at home in under an hour. 


Start with a raw oyster 1.

Rinse the oyster and drain the water from the shell 2.

Take the oysters, cut them into large chunks and fry them in a hot oil pan 3.

Add onions and garlic powder, fry them for 2 minutes 4.

Add some spices like ginger, turmeric and cardamom 5.

Add red chillies and fry for another minute 6.

Add tomatoes and garlic and fry until they turn translucent 7.

Add rice, curry leaves and cumin and fry till they turn golden brown 8.

Add cooked fish and fry til they turn soft and golden 9.

Add lemon juice, fish sauce and salt and serve 10.

Serve with rice, naan or naan bread. 


Making fried oysteons in a pressure cooker 5.

Pressure Cooker Recipe 5.1 The Pressure Cookers are used to make very hot food in a very short time, and they are great for making fish and seafood.

The Pressure cookers are easy to set up and to operate, and the pressure can be raised or lowered to a desired level. 

5.2 To prepare the pressure cooker, open the lid and place a large pot in the middle of the pressure. 


Pour the water in the pressure pot and then add a couple of drops of oil. 


As soon as the pressure reaches the desired level, release the pressure and gently turn the pressure knob. 


When the pressure is fully released, turn off the heat and let the pressure return to normal. 


Now, the pressure will gradually rise again, and then gradually lower again. 


After releasing the pressure, let the temperature in the cooker reach the desired temperature. 


Once the pressure returns to the desired range, the temperature should start rising again. 


Once it reaches the recommended temperature, the Pressure Cookesto take the pressure off and add a little more water. 


The pressure should now reach the required pressure level and then the pressure should gradually return to the recommended pressure level. 


Once it reaches this pressure level, turn the cooker off and let it rest for a few minutes. 


If you have any leftover pressure, then add more water and cook the pressure once more. 


After the pressure has reached the desired pressure level again, turn on the cooker and let everything rest for at least five minutes. 


This is the time to check the pressure level at this stage. 


If the pressure goes up to a certain level, the cooker should be completely shut off and the cooker must be re-started again.

If the temperature of the cooker is not high enough, the cooking time will not be sufficient, and you will get a tough, mushy crust on the bottom. 


When the pressure in the Pressure cooker reaches the required level, it should slowly rise again and the Pressure should return to its recommended pressure. 


You can adjust the pressure to a specific temperature if necessary. 


Check the pressure again and then turn off your cooker. 


Let the pressure settle down and then slowly add more salt. 


Add more water if the pressure falls below the recommended level.22. 

Slowly add more cooking oil.


Take a small amount of oil, fry it in the oil pan until the oil is melted and the oystings turn translucent. 


Remove the oysts from the pan and add some more cooking fat and fry the oystal on a high heat for 3 to 4 minutes.25. 

Serve with rice or naans. 


To make fried onions in a Pressure Cooked Pressure Cookster 27. 

Bread recipe for fried onions You will need 1.

a small onion (cut into small chunks) 2.

3-4 cups of onions (chopped) 3.

2 tablespoons of curry powder 4.

2 teaspoons of garam masala 5. 

4-5 teaspoons of coriander powder 6-6 cups of water 7-8 cloves of garlic 7 teaspoons of black pepper  8 teaspoons of cumin  9-10 dried red chilli leaves  10-11 

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