This Is The Most Delicious Orange Mushroom Recipe You’ll Ever Have: A Métamorphic Mix of Mushroom, Bacon, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Now that you have a few of these tasty mushrooms to enjoy, what’s next?

Let’s talk about your next meal!

The orange mushroom recipe is so good, it has to be shared!

But don’t be afraid to try something else, too!

I love to have some homemade balsamic vinegar on hand to sprinkle on the mushrooms as a dipping sauce, and I like to add it to my homemade vegan balsamic wine, but I love how versatile these mushrooms are.

Here’s a quick, easy recipe for orange mushroom sauce.

Start by blending the mushrooms with a hand blender.

Then, add in a few spoonfuls of the wine vinegar and blend until smooth.

This will make an amazing orange sauce for dipping or simply topping some vegan bread or pasta.


Recipe adapted from Recipe Republic.

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Ingredients 1 head dried orange mushrooms (or dried red or white)

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