5 of my favorite cartoon drawings from the ’90s

If you’re a big cartoon fan, you may have noticed that many of your favorite cartoons from the 1990s and 2000s have gotten re-drawn and animated over the years.

This article will explore five of my personal favorites.


The Simpsons The Simpsons is a beloved series that has always been very funny and funny at the same time.

It’s a show that takes a ton of creative license and turns it into something much more.

This cartoon series was based on the animated series from Hanna-Barbera, and is often credited as the original TV show for children.

Bart and Lisa, the main characters, are always on the prowl for food, and are always looking for something that will make them happy.

One day, the town of Springfield finds a giant mushroom and is shocked when it turns out to be a mushroom of a different species, which they promptly eat.

The next day, Lisa is horrified when she discovers her neighbor is also looking for food and eats a mushroom too.

They all get caught in a mushroom trap, and Lisa’s mom gets a bad case of the mushrooms.

Bart, however, gets the good mushroom, and uses it to cure himself.

In addition, his mother’s mom is cured and becomes a vegetarian.

Lisa’s father also becomes vegetarian and eats mushrooms, and he too becomes a vegan.

Lisa gets a new job at her old company, and Bart works for them.

Lisa and Bart are always very fun to watch, and the show is always packed with great jokes and moments.


The Venture Bros. The most successful Venture Bros., The Venture Brothers is a hilarious show that is constantly getting re-imagined.

Its not a show based on real-world events, so the story is pretty much based on one man’s life, and they constantly get things re-done.

In the show, Sam Brody (voice of Venture Bros’ Steve Austin) is the main character, who is also the president of the Venture Bros organization.

He is constantly running around, helping out people, and sometimes killing them.

Sam is also a scientist and has a knack for finding new ways to make money.

He has an apartment building that has been designed to resemble a volcano, and a secret lab that has become a breeding ground for mutated animals.

Sam also happens to have an ex-girlfriend named Trudy, who he gets to know better through the show.

Sam has his own personal sidekick, named Dr. Venture, who also acts as his assistant.

Dr. Ventures is a genius scientist who is very skilled at building things, but when Sam and Trudys friendship is tested, he loses his mind and becomes aggressive and violent.


Teen Titans Teen Titans is a very well-known series that is also incredibly popular, with more than 100 million viewers each week.

The show is set in the modern day DC Comics universe, and features the Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans are a team of teenage superheroes who wear uniforms and are often involved in adventures.

One of the greatest moments in the series is when the Titans defeat the Green Lanterns, who have the power to drain the energy of all other heroes.

However, the Green Arrow manages to use the energy to make the Teen Titan’s powers work for him.

The Titans are also constantly on the run from villains, and often have to save other superheroes from harm.

The series also has some really fun moments, such as when the Teen Turkeys save the day when they were about to be attacked by the Green Bands.


Transformers: Generation One Transformers is another show that really inspired me as a kid, but it’s a great show even today.

It was based off of the movie Transformers: The Movie.

I really liked it when it first came out, and loved it when the show was rebooted in the Transformers: Prime series.

The Transformers were a group of Autobots and Decepticons who battled each other to protect the planet of Cybertron.

It has been over a decade since the show first aired, and Transformers: Generations was the show that first really brought me into the franchise.

Generation One is one of the best animated shows of all time.

Generations takes the Autobots from being a bunch of idiots and bumbling goofballs to an extremely badass bunch of superheroes.

There are many different versions of the Transformers, and most of them have a different look and feel.

The Autobots can fly, can transform into other Transformers, can fight, can even turn into giant robots.

Generations has some amazing characters that I love to watch.


The Jetsons The Jetson family is one I love very much, and The Jetsong is one that I’m going to always have in my house.

It is a family of Jetsons who are very devoted to each other, and always help each other out.

When a family member goes missing, they will help eachother out in various ways, and also have their own adventures and goals.

One thing that makes

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