When the world’s most valuable mushroom turns 50, what are we going to be celebrating?

The world’s largest mushroom, known for its potency, is going to turn 50 this year.

The mushroom, the borage mushroom, is not only one of the world the most sought after edible mushrooms, but also one of its most misunderstood.

Borage mushrooms, which can be grown in a variety of varieties, are cultivated in a number of countries, including Japan, China, and India.

According to a 2014 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), Borage mushrooms are generally believed to have medicinal properties.

However, according to a study by the World Mushroom Foundation, the actual nutritional value of borage mushrooms is much less than that.

According to a 2013 study published in the journal Science Advances, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Utah and the University at Buffalo found that the amount of bioactive compounds found in borage are much less potent than those found in other edible mushrooms.

According the study, bioactive molecules were found to be found in just 1 percent of the bioactive contents of boric acid (a borage plant), while in the same amount of other edible plants, up to 10 percent of bioactives were found.

The study also found that bioactive substances were found in only 4 percent of boryls (a type of berry), while they were found on 25 percent of other borylaceous plants.

Additionally, the researchers found that only 9 percent of mushrooms contained borage-derived flavonoids.

“Our findings support a number [of] important studies that have suggested that borage may have unique nutritional properties,” said Dr. Robert H. Schmader, one of co-authors of the study.

“However, these findings do not necessarily mean that boric acids have any significant nutritional value.”

While the study did not provide any specific data on the nutritional value, the authors wrote that it was “important to note that the bioactors in borylus are small and that these compounds do not provide significant amounts of bio-active constituents.”

The study found that when the researchers combined a bioactive compound from a borage berry and the flavonoid from a variety other edible plant, the bio-actors of the boryllin-rich berries combined provided nearly twice as much bio-activity as the bioactivity from the flavanol-rich berry.

The researchers also concluded that bioactor composition varied significantly between the boric Acid variety and the other edible species.

“The borage variety has more bioactoring than the other three varieties, and the bioactivating activity is much more varied in the berry variety than in other types of edible borage,” said the researchers.

The authors said the research was done in order to provide the public with more information on the bioavailability of boreales.

“This work was motivated by our concern that the high bioavailability found in the bioactor composition of the Borage variety is due to the high amount of boroacetate in boron,” said Schmaders.

“We hope that the public will be more aware of bioavailability than they are now, and that they will be able to consume these mushrooms safely.”

Sources: NBC News, The Associated Press, The BBC, AP, NPR

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