This recipe is really delicious!

The recipe for baby bella mushroom gravy has become a popular Indian dish in the past couple of years. 

In recent years, bella is a favourite mushroom in India. 

“In my home country, there are lots of bella and my mother’s bella (she grew up eating bella),” the cook told NDTV. 

The recipe is based on a traditional Indian mushroom gravy that is very similar to this. 

Bella mushrooms are very tough and when they are sliced, they have a thick, savoury texture. 

For this recipe, we added the same spices as we would for a traditional bella. 

We used salt, pepper, turmeric and cumin for this mushroom gravy. 

You can use any spices to make your own recipe. 

It is a good thing that bella have been widely available in the last few years.

“Bella is one of the most nutritious mushrooms in the world, and they are also very nutritious.

It has so many health benefits.

For example, it contains more fibre than wheat, which helps your body absorb nutrients,” said Manish Mishra, co-founder and CEO of Dine in India, which operates the bella-based restaurant chain. 

He said the bellas are a popular food in the UK, but not as popular as it should be. 

India’s bellachos are grown in small plots in the north of India.

They are usually picked by hand. 

They are also sometimes cooked on a griddle in their own juices and added to other dishes. 

Mishra said the popularity of bella mushroom gravy is partly because of its affordability.

“In India, bellacos are sold in bulk.

In the US, the cost of a kilo of beellas is about US$30.

In India, you can buy a kilogram of belly for around US$10,” he said. 

As of today, the Indian government is in the process of making a ban on bella sale and consumption in the country. 

However, beellos can still be eaten in India by those who are prepared to pay the extra cost. 

There are also recipes that are made from bella, such as the bellerata, which is traditionally a dish made with bella powder. 

Abele is also known as a spicy mushroom, but this is not its traditional name. 

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