What’s on tap at this year’s King of the Hill Festival?

The King of The Hill Festival takes place at Sydney’s historic Sydney Opera House.

It’s the world’s biggest music festival, and is a celebration of Australia’s cultural history.

Its a celebration that sees thousands of people flocking to the city’s central business district to see the likes of Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

The festival also sees music from Australia’s biggest artists performing.

Here are some of the things to see at the event.

Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen of England performs at the King of Kings Festival.

Photo: Simon Schluter/Reuters The Queen is performing a new album on Thursday, the King Of Kings, which has been nominated for the Mercury prize.

This is the first time the Queen has performed live since 2005, and the Queen is known to take her time and work through her songs.

The Queen’s first live performance was in 2001, and in that year she did a three-song set at Sydney Opera Hall.

The King Of Knights has played at the Sydney Opera Centre for the past five years, with the last being in 2016.

King Arthur: King Arthur plays at the Kings Theatre in the Kings Park.

Photo by Simon Schlitter/Reuters King Arthur is the second longest-running opera in Australia, after the Sydney Theatre.

The first was opened in 1883.

King Charles I: King Charles II, second from right, performs at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Jubilee Concert.

Photo via Flickr King Charles’ performance will be broadcast live on Australia’s Channel Nine.

The show will feature performances from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice and Prince Phillip, as well as a performance by the Royal Family.

The king is accompanied by an all-star cast, including the Queen’s two sons, Prince Harry and Prince George.

You can watch the live broadcast at the official channel website.

The event will also be broadcast in the US.

The Grand Opera: The Grand, the first opera to be staged on a stage in Australia since the 1930s, is the event’s first concert.

It was a hit in Australia’s first Broadway production and has sold out since opening in 2013.

The grand opera has a long and colourful history in Australia.

In the 1920s, the opera was staged at Sydney Olympic Park and ran from 1926 to 1939.

In 1956, it was a show at Sydney Theatre in partnership with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The Royal Jubilee Orchestra, which was created by the Sydney Orchestra in 1958, was the first orchestra to be commissioned by the Queen to perform the grand opera in its entirety.

The opera was produced by the National Opera of Australia (NPA) and commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I in 1964.

It is currently performed in Sydney Opera Palace every Thursday and Sunday night.

King George VI: The Royal Family performs at St Paul’s Church in the Sydney Cathedral.

Photo courtesy: ABC News/ABC via Getty Images The Queen will be joined by Prince Philip, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry for the King George V performance.

The royals will also join Prince Charles and his wife, Kate, on stage for a royal family performance of the music of George and the Lion King.

The Duke of Edinburgh will be playing the Queen and Prince Philip’s “Gentle and Noble” from the score to the film, which will be seen as a landmark piece of British film.

It also has the most views in Australia and is the biggest hit for the Queen.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth will be televised live at 10pm AEST on Channel Seven.

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