‘Dancing Buddha’ is back in theaters, this time with a new look

“It’s a great time to be a Buddhist.”

That’s what the Dalai Lama said during an interview with TIME magazine this week.

But if you are a Buddhist monk, it can be a tough time, and it can also be a wonderful time to have a new haircut.

The Dalai Lama’s new look comes after the release of “Dancing Jesus,” a film by the Dalai Lamas Buddhist monks.

The film was a critical hit, and critics loved the look of the Tibetan leader and his Buddhist monk friends.

The Buddha was famously seen in his monastic robes, but the Dalai had an alternative hairstyle: He shaved his head, with a shaved beard and a goatee.

The Dalai Lama has long been a fan of shaved heads.

In the past, he’s been a supporter of the beard, which he also uses for his signature “Merry Christmas” gesture.

“A shaved head is a symbol of good fortune,” the Dalai said in an interview on November 17.

“But a goable one is a blessing for the soul.”

For now, the Dalai is still trying to get his beard to grow long enough for the new look.

He wants to have enough beard to cover the rest of his body, and that’s why he wants to grow it out.

“I will grow my beard as long as the Buddha is alive, and when the Buddha dies, it will grow out,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said in the TIME interview.

“So I hope that, at some point, the beard will be gone, but that it will still be there.

And when I die, I will grow it again.

But not forever.”

So, the Tibetan Buddhist leader is not just shaving his head.

He’s also growing a googly eye, which is the traditional Chinese sign of a blessing.

“The googly eyes are a blessing in disguise,” the leader said.

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