When the mushrooms come to Australia

Mushrooms are now legal to eat in New Zealand, but they’re not a popular choice for a popular New Zealand takeaway.

“I’m not the biggest fan of mushrooms, but I like them.

They’re a great protein.

We’re really good with them and they’re so tasty,” said Misha, who does not want his last name used.

Misha said he has had some bad experiences with mushroom eating, but he has not had any problems.

He said he usually only has a few mushrooms at a time.

“The main thing is, if you can’t find it, you shouldn’t eat it,” he said.

Auckland chef David Hickey said he loved mushrooms and had even tried them before, but didn’t find them to be very good.

Hickey said mushrooms were “really great” and he used them to “feed the soul”.

“If you don’t eat them, you’re not going to get the full flavour of the food,” he explained.

But Mr Hickey does like mushrooms, even if he is not a big fan of them.

“It’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘I love it, but would I eat it again?'”, he said of mushrooms.

The two chefs are now trying to get some mushrooms into the Auckland restaurant scene, and are looking to open a mushroom cafe in Wellington.

It will be the first mushroom cafe to open in New York.

“I’d like to see it in Auckland.

I love Auckland and I love mushrooms,” Mr Hicker said.

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