How to make a mushroom brown wig from scratch

I had a hard time finding a good mushroom brown hairdo, but when I saw the ones I could buy online, I decided to make my own!

I knew I would have to go for something a little more traditional and classic, and this brown wig is definitely the right fit for me.

It’s definitely a wig for the modern woman, but if you’re more of a modern woman who wants something a bit more casual, this might be the wig for you.

Ingredients:Mushroom brown hair, red hair dye, borax, sea salt, water, glycerin, sodium borate, glyceryl trisulfate, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, sodium chloride, potassium hydroxide, sodium bisulfite, titanium dioxide, copper sulfate, tin oxide, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate (iron oxide)Directions:Wash your hair in hot soapy water, and then rinse off with cold water, leaving a small bit of excess water in the hair.

Take your hair out and dry, and use a damp cloth to massage the excess water out.

In a separate bowl, combine your hair dye with a few drops of water, then mix well.

Add your hair gel, and gently mix until the hair gel is dissolved.

Now, add the Borax and the sea salt to a large bowl and stir it together with a wooden spoon.

Add the Borac, sea salts, and sodium boric acid, and mix well until the BorAC is dissolved, then add the water.

Then, add glycerine, sodium hydroxides, and titanium dioxide and stir to combine.

Now add the glyceryls trisulphate and sorbates sulfate and stir again until the sorbs sulfate is dissolved and all the sorbations are dissolved.

Then add the copper sulfates and copper hydroxite and stir. 

Then add the ferrous sulphates sulfates to the mixture, and stir well to combine them. 

Finally, add your hair glue, and pour in the red hair. 

Now add your gel, hair gel glue, hair glue to the hair, and leave it for a few minutes.

If the gel has a tendency to clump up on itself, gently stir it with a dampened cloth until it becomes smooth. 

Wrap the hair in a thin layer of hair gel and leave in the fridge for at least two hours.

Remove the hair from the hair glue and rinse it well with hot soap water.

When it is dry, put the hair into a plastic bag and place it in a dish of warm water.

You can use your hair dryer on high or low, but the longer you leave it in the water, the more hair you’ll be able to use. 

If you’re looking for something more modern and traditional, this brown hair wig is a good choice!

It definitely won’t make you look like a total badass, but you’ll still look like an awesome lady if you wear it!

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