Is this the first mushroom coral reef to be discovered in Florida?

By: Laura MeekSource: MSNBC.comThe mushroom coral reefs have been found all over Florida, including in Key West and in the Everglades.

A few of them have even been photographed on the reef, but none have been identified yet.

This year, the reefs were photographed by a diver off of the Florida Keys.

That diver had the best of luck, though, as his boat went underwater in the Coral Sea and was spotted by another diver, who spotted a mushroom coral coral reef on the other side of the water.

The coral reef had been seen before in 2014 and was thought to be a new species of mushroom coral.

The first mushroom reef was spotted in the Caribbean Sea and the Florida Reef in 2010.

The reefs are not the only ones to be spotted, as the first mushrooms were also found on coral reefs in Brazil and Russia.

The coral reef reefs are also found off Florida, though they were not known to be mushrooms.

That coral reef is known as the “Fruit of the Sea,” and the mushroom coral was only discovered in 2012.

The mushroom coral is thought to grow to be up to six feet long and can reach up to eight feet.

The reef can be found on reefs around the world, and scientists think it may be the largest mushroom coral on the planet.

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