Mushroom protein for cancer: Irish researchers report in Lancet

A new study from the University of Limerick has found that the mushroom protein that’s often given as a dietary supplement can reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Researchers from the Medical Research Council and University College Dublin studied a group of people with cancer of the colon and rectum.

They were given capsules of the protein and followed them for 12 weeks.

The results showed that those given the mushroom powder showed an increased risk of the disease being diagnosed and getting cancer treated than those given placebo.

The results were published in the Lancet Oncology journal on Thursday.

The researchers found that a high protein diet can significantly reduce the risks of developing cancer.

The findings suggest that dietary supplements that contain mushrooms could be useful for patients with cancer and that they could be an effective treatment for cancer.

However, the researchers warn that further research is needed to establish the optimal dosage and dose of mushroom protein and how it might affect the risk.

Professor Daniel Nie, who led the study from UCD, said that the results were significant.

“I was really struck by how effective it was to see a decrease in the number of cancer cells in the patients with colorecectal neoplasms that were given mushroom protein.”

It was also quite significant that mushroom protein had no effect on the incidence of colon cancer or the incidence in the non-cancerous colorecctal cancers,” he said.”

We think that mushrooms are a natural source of protein which has been proven to have a positive effect on coloreceptors and therefore has the potential to be an important cancer treatment.

“The mushrooms protein was extracted from a species of mushroom known as Dactylocarpus, which has a mushroomlike appearance.

Professor Nie said the mushroom was one of the most abundant mushrooms in the world and it’s thought to be the only mushroom known to have the ability to inhibit growth of certain types of cancer.”

This is a compound that has been found in many parts of the world, including the Americas and Europe, that has a role in the metabolism of the fungus Dactyllocarpa which causes colon cancer.

It’s known to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, and this is what the mushroom has been shown to do in this study,” he added.”

The mushrooms that we have found inhibit the proliferation of coloreectal cancer cells and we have shown that mushroom proteins have an anti-cancer effect.

“He said that these results should be considered as part of an ongoing research programme.”

What is really exciting is that this research shows mushrooms have some of the properties of the cancer drug, but they also inhibit the cancer cells,” he explained.”

If the compounds that we’re using in the study are safe and effective for treating colon cancer, we would have the potential of potentially saving millions of lives.

“In addition to Professor Nie and his colleagues, the research was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Ireland.

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