‘Mushroom blonde hair’ turns blonde and looks like mushroom blonde

A new hair style has been invented by scientists to look like a mushroom hair.

Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years, and in ancient times, they were used as the main ingredient in a number of popular alcoholic drinks.

The first commercial use was for the treatment of menopause, and the mushroom is believed to have medicinal properties.

According to a new study, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in collaboration with the University at Buffalo, used the fungus as an ingredient in the development of a new hair product, dubbed Mushroom-White.

The team created a new mushroom-white formula, which mimics the appearance of hair, and then added a new type of protein known as mushroom-specific peptide, or MTPP, to create the hair.

The MTPP is a protein found in some mushrooms, and it is able to bind to cells of the hair follicles.

The researchers found that this protein was able to block the growth of the fungus-specific protein in hair, but it also prevented the growth and differentiation of hair cells in the scalp.

The researchers also found that the hair was more likely to be damaged when the mushroom-protein was applied.

They found that it caused the hair to grow more slowly and could cause the hair’s overall thickness to decrease.

The hair-like appearance of the mushroom hair is due to a protein known to be secreted by the mushroom.

When the mushroom protein was introduced to the hair, it changed the way the protein interacts with cells in hair follicle, and resulted in hair growth in the hair without affecting the appearance.

The new mushroom hair hair also has other health benefits.

The protein prevents damage to the skin and scalp, and prevents the fungus from eating away at the hair itself.

The hair also is thought to help prevent psoriasis.

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