Which Mushroom to Grow? | What Do I Need? | 10 Tips

When you’re ready to start growing your own mushrooms, you need to know which ones are edible and which ones don’t.

“Mushrooms are the most diverse group of plants, so you need a good understanding of what they are, how they grow and how to eat them,” says Roberta Avila, PhD, a clinical associate professor of biology at the University of Miami.

“You also need to be able to make good choices when choosing which species to grow.”

Here’s how you can learn more about each type of mushroom and the best mushrooms to grow for your family.


Mushrooms: They’re edible and safe to eat The best mushrooms for your kitchen, garden and dining table include the species known as stinkhorn mushrooms.

They are edible, and some species can be poisonous.

“Stinkhorn mushrooms can cause illness when eaten by humans, especially if ingested through a contaminated environment,” Avilas says.

“These poisonous stinkhorn molds are commonly found in the tropics and subtropics of the world.”

These are usually found in forests and grasslands.

These molds can be dangerous, as the spores can be ingested by other insects.

They’re also extremely difficult to kill with poisons and chemicals, and you’ll need to get permission from a veterinarian before you plant them.


Mushrooming: The best way to do it Mushrooming means growing plants in a specific location, usually under artificial lights and temperature controlled conditions.

Mushroom molds also tend to be more difficult to eradicate and contain more germs, Avils says.

They can take up to two years to grow, and once grown, are a good source of nutrition and fiber.

But when you’re growing mushrooms outdoors, you’ll have to be careful about their hygiene.

Mushy stems, leaves and stalks can harbor mold, which can cause infections.

It can also be difficult to remove mold from the plants, and it’s a good idea to clean your plants every year before you’re sure they’re free of mold.

“If you have mold in the stem, the fungus is growing in your soil,” Ailas says, and mold can spread through the soil and affect plants.

So, if you’re worried about mold growing on your plants, avoid the area where you plan to grow your mushrooms, she says.


What you need for a compost bin Mushrooms can be composted in an organic compost bin.

They may also be stored in a dry storage container, which allows them to be stored indefinitely.

You can also use a plastic bin to store the mushrooms in, Ailasa says.

But, they’re best stored in plastic, which keeps them from absorbing moisture, and the bin should be kept at a constant temperature.


Growing mushrooms outdoors: Tips for safety Mushrooms aren’t just for eating.

They have medicinal properties and can be used in herbal and medicinal recipes.

Avilos says a mushroom can help reduce nausea and vomiting.

Some mushrooms are even said to be anti-cancer.

To keep them safe, Avelas recommends you check with your local health department for the proper way to grow them.

She also suggests you use an appropriate grow bag to store your mushrooms and avoid storing them in a plastic bag that can be easily destroyed.


Growing mushroom outdoors: How to prepare for your next mushroom trip The best mushroom to grow outdoors, according to AvilAvila and her colleagues, is the stinkhorn species.

These mushrooms are commonly grown in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

Avela says they’re also found in parts of South America and the U.S.

Avilas recommends growing stinkhorn in a compost pile, which is made up of three to six pots and covered with soil.

Once the soil is added to the compost pile and soil is moistened, the compost will expand and fill with water.

Once all of the water has been added to it, it can be placed in a small container and allowed to dry out.

A second compost bin can be added to this compost pile for additional compost, and then it’s ready to be placed into a large pot for growing.

It’s important to add the compost to the pot with a few inches of water so it can absorb the water, Alevas says — so the compost can retain the moisture in the pot and be easily used in the future.


How to harvest your own mungos Mushrooms are harvested by cutting off the stalks and then chopping off the leaves.

It is important to pick the stinging insects off the mushrooms, Aravas says; they may sting.

“They’re a big source of food for the bugs,” Aleva says.

Mush mushrooms also are good for keeping a soil conditioner handy for keeping your soil in good condition and prevent the spread of fungus.


Growing your own compost

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