When mushrooms don’t kill you, they make you stronger

I have heard the stories about mushrooms and their ability to boost your immune system and your immune function.The problem is that, like all the things we eat, they can be a big food bomb.There’s a reason they’re a food, they have nutrients and they’re very beneficial to health.They’re also, like many of the things […]

How to Draw Mushrooms in Your Cartoons

There are plenty of ways to draw mushroom drawings in your cartoons.In fact, I know a few ways I like drawing mushroom drawings.I like to draw mushrooms, as you might have noticed from my list of top 10 favorite cartoon mushrooms.In my book, I have illustrated a ton of cartoons featuring mushroom drawings and, as […]

What you need to know about chaga mushrooms

MUSHROOMS are the most nutritious and easy-to-prepare mushrooms around.They are made from spores that can be harvested from different species of chaga, and they are so easy to prepare that they are sometimes called “cheap chaga” mushrooms.They contain very little protein and are rich in calcium and magnesium, and many people are attracted to them […]

How to grow and sell hallucinogen mushrooms in a modern industrial-scale fashion

Growing and selling hallucinogens in modern industrial scale has long been the holy grail of the cannabis industry.The demand is growing at a rate of around one a day, with the demand for hallucinative mushrooms rising rapidly over the past year.As a result, it has become a very lucrative business, with many of the leading […]

When you’re eating pizza, you need to get rid of the bacon

When you’ve been eating pizza for a while, you’ve probably started to forget about the cheese.That’s because pizza has become one of the least nutritious foods on the planet, with nearly 80 percent of the calories coming from meat.So it’s no surprise that you’re starting to skip the meat.But if you’re like me, you’re not […]

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